Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival

Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival


Dew Barf

Dew Barf | Saturday 1st June, 5.50pm

Dew Barf play a wide variety of music, spanning over one hundred years, equaling the combined age of the duo. Two delinquent drop outs who happen to have known each other for 30 years and lurked at the back of various stages in that time, decided to get some microphones and have a go at being front-men. The result is pretty hairy!

From Bluegrass to 90’s Trance and incorporating a heavy dose of some Classic Rock from the 70’s and Blues from the 60’s, the set sees acoustic and electric guitars and both voices. Dew Barf are a thrill to watch as they pour in the passion and thoroughly enjoy what they do. What you see isn’t necessarily what you hear; they look like they should be selling The Big Issue but sound exciting as they play in their unique style with no fakery. Do expect top banter with the audience though, as these two “time served pros” really know how to work a crowd!

Since forming in March 2017, Dew Barf have played over 100 gigs from outdoor festivals, weddings and private functions to small cosy pub corners, they always get booked back and to date have travelled extensively across the South of England and Wales.

“Unbelievable musicians and top beardy blokes!”

“Fantastic duo – played the most amazing range of music you will ever hear outside of a festival!”

“Saw them at Whiskers (Newquay) and they did a fantastic 3 hr set. A must see!”

“True, pure talent!”

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