Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival

Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival

Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival


Rodney Branigan

“Rodney Branigan is one of the most amazing artists you will ever see. Not simply because he is unique, but rather because he is impossibly talented” (Music Connection Magazine)

Texas-raised Londoner, Rodney Branigan learned to play in Austin, perform in Los Angeles, craft songs in Nashville, and put it all together in London. 

A multi-instrumentalist with a rich and soulful voice often compared to Jeff Buckley and described by France’s Crossroads magazine as “the revelation of the year or even the decade”, we’re beyond excited that he could join us at the festival on Sunday afternoon.

His original blend of progressive folk, rock, flamenco, classic, bluegrass and jazz sensibilities have seen Rodney tour the US from coast to coast and travel across India, Africa and Europe, where his reputation as an outstanding live performer has led to turns supporting the likes of Jack Johnson, Billy Sheehan, Frances Cabrel, Alabama 3, Angelique Kidja, Talvin Singh, Billy Bragg, Bad Finger, Slim Jim Phantom, Bo Didley,  Pentagram (India)  Shair’n’Func and Show of Hands.

He’s undoubtedly one of the most talented musicians to grace the festival and we urge you to join us on Sunday afternoon to see this unmissable performance. 

For a taste of what he’s all about, check out the video below and wait for the drop at 60 seconds! 


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