Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival

Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival

Kingsbridge Food and Music Festival



Aftersun are an exciting party band with a difference. Specialising in the school disco classics from the 80`s to the present day, they wow audiences night after night with their fun, energetic stage show that simply no one can resist. This is “Oh My God I Cant Believe I`m Dancing To This” party music all the way! Aftersun were formed in 2012 after having all played with their sister band Fake Tan throughout the last 8 years, before they got so good in their own right they have be re­born as their own band, and are proving just as popular. In 2013, they made a whole load more fans with a brilliant performance at the Food and Music Festival, so we’re over the moon they’ve agreed to come back this year.


André has a wealth of experience in the music business. He is a regular on the tour bus of the greats, and in Sept 2012 embarked on a world tour as lead vocalist with The Yardbirds. He has also recently released his own solo album to great acclaim. Fortunately, Aftersun now rent him with an option to buy! His professionalism and performance knows no bounds.


Shitake is an accomplished songwriter and guitar player extraordinaire. He is signed to Sony/BMG as a songwriter, but strangely he is signed in Germany. We`re not sure why, maybe he is a lover of their cuisine? We don’t like to speculate beyond this, and the words “sauna” and “Schitzel” have never entered our minds. Shitake is a talented performer, and ranks highly on our Aftersun Top Trumps cards.


There is something about the bass demi­god that is hard to understand. Although The Hunter ranks 1st in the Aftersun beef category and is the tallest by far, we ask that you tread carefully with this gentle giant. His split from Ulrika Johnsson on TV`s Gladiators in the 90`s must have hit him hard, and as a result, this charming talent can only be seen venturing out at night. Fiercely proud of his 4 stringed axe, The Hunter is a truly awesome bass talent. Aftersun are proud to have dragged this wasted animal away from his Guitar Hero video game, to turn his dreams into reality.


This guy has it all. Solid as a hard rock, he is the meat (and the potatoes) in Aftersun. He is a difficult man to photograph ­ a catch me if you can type. This can only be due to his chameleon-like hair issues. Just as you think you know him, another fashion will sweep into town, and sweep his hair with it! Fortunately we have now had him DNA tested so that we know its him; that and the fact that is the only man alive under the age of 65 years old who still wears Old Spice.



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